Massive Learning

Exploring Educational Technology as a Neo-MOOCer

ETMOOC 2013 starts tomorrow…

Let the learning adventure begin!


I’ve completed the orientation for etmooc — my Google+ feed, TweetDeck, and my WordPress account is all set. I’m good to go!

With so many channels to follow, I could see that this learning experience may not be for everyone. With so many people and topics to follow, I’m very interested in discovering what the learning experience will be like. Will a common synergy be possible — similar to what you may experience at a conference?
When it comes to Twitter, Google+ and other social media, I’m a sporadic contributor. I’m more of an information pack rat who compulsively collects information that may be useful for some project or situation in the future.

Does this make me a mere social media consumer who is missing out on the “social” benefits of the media?

Maybe. Maybe not.  Perhaps this MOOC experience will answer this question.


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